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If you are one of the fortunate people who is lucky enough to make your home in  Florida, you know how important having a reliable roof all year round is. South Florida weather can go from being tepid to torrential in just a matter of moments, and that water can easily damage your roof. Water damage can threaten the structural integrity of your home, as well as contributing to the growth of black mold, which can require fumigation if not identified and removed early on.
Brown Roof


That's why if you find even just a small leak in the roof, your first call should be to the dedicated 

Aplus property services 

 Our technicians are able to complete jobs of all different sizes, and if you need to install an entirely new roof on your home, our team is here to help and ready to take your call.

Roof Construction
Roof Shingles
Roof Shingles

Shingle Roof
Flat Roof
Tile Roof
Metal Roof​

Shingle roofs are rectangular patches of wood, slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, or asphalt that overlap in a pattern. These various materials provide an array of textures, colors, and styles for homeowners to choose from. Because of this Shingle roofs are considered highly versatile. Besides being popular, they are affordable. With Shingle Roof, create a unique combination that complements your home and builds on its structure

Flat roofs are unique for their zero-slope architecture and are commonly found on large structures such as industrial buildings. On smaller structures such as houses, flat roofs are rare but make for a modern look. They are the most cost-effective of all roof types but, don’t let the price tag fool you; flat roofs are made with high-quality materials that protect the interiority of the structure from seasons of intense heat and prolonged cold.

The most traditional houses display tile roofs. Tile roofs are designed mainly to keep out rain, but this type of roof has proven to be the most durable in the face of forceful storms. Tile roofs sporting newer technologies are made of concrete or clay. The pattern of overlapping concrete tiles is more than a structural genius, it is an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Metal roofs are known for being durable and impermeable. They have proven to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and bi-polar temperatures for as long as a lifetime. What’s more, they save you money. Metal roofs naturally deflect the heat from the sun, which keeps the interior of your house cooler, and drives down energy costs, allowing your household to conserve considerable amounts of energy. Many are switching over to metal roofs because they are resilient, help people to save money, and are an aesthetically pleasing sight to see.

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